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We use the best Arabica beans …

El Espresso sources the finest-quality green coffee beans from leading growers in many countries, for you to experience the best flavours and aromas in a coffee journey around the world. We only source Arabica beans grown above 1,200 m. These are the very highest-quality beans: they develop more slowly and are more nutrient-dense, which means more flavour and aroma in your coffee. It’s the coffee connoisseur’s bean, with a sweeter, softer taste than the more-common Robusta bean. We source the very best because even the most expertly roasted coffee is only as good as the beans it’s made from.



… air-roasted to perfection …

Air-roasting —and all El Espresso coffee is air-roasted — is the most superior roasting method, and the best route to a sweeter, more delicious cup. Only a small percentage of the world’s coffee beans are air-roasted: most are drum-roasted. It works by floating the beans on a bed of hot air in the roasting chamber, which distributes the heat evenly through the whole batch of beans and allows every individual bean to be roasted evenly. When the roasted beans pop and crack, the skin — the chaff — is blown away: the risk with drum roasting is that the chaff burns and smokes, giving the coffee a slightly bitter, smoky flavour. With air-roasting, you can truly taste the difference.

We manually control each batch, adjusting for outside variables like humidity and temperature to bring out the beans’ best qualities. It’s the chemical reactions that skilled roasters can create which develop the complex aromas and flavours that make every cup of El Espresso a treat to experience.

… and fresh for you to enjoy.

We roast daily. Every day, we decide our roast list to satisfy the needs of our wholesale partners and online customers. The coffee you order today, we roasted in the last day or two!